Structural Solutions

As educational opportunities in public speaking continue to dwindle, teachspeech has introduced a variety of modules to proliferate communications education. Across its various curriculums, teachspeech aims to combine public speaking education with broader workshopping on argumentation and current events knowledge. After all, great communicators should have substance along with great delivery. With its various partners, teachspeech seeks to contextualize public speaking as an accentuation to social change, political advocacy, or simply, academic enrichment.

In its early days, teachspeech designed an eighteen-week semester course for introductory public speaking. Now, this course has morphed into numerous workshops and equity projects that speak more broadly to the debate community in both the United States and abroad. Below, you’ll find our policy platform which speaks to the goal of enhanced communication education. Visit our Projects Page to see our current initiatives and our blog, The Weekly Echo, to join the conversation on the transformative power of public speaking.