Passionate Students, Dedicated to amplifying student voices.


Dialogues Team

The Dialogues Team works to manage, improve, and innovate the teachspeech Dialogues workshop program.

Team Members
Matthew Yekell          Amber Xu
Kishan Gandham
Lynnea Zhang
John Lin                Amber Xu

Educational Affiliation
St. John's School, TX Monte Vista HS, CA
Ridge HS, NJ
Strath Haven HS, PA
Clements HS, TX
Monte Vista HS, CA


Media Team

The Media Team organizes the branding, communications, and publicity of teachspeech.

Team Members
Connie Liang  Eu Ro Wang
Zac Jacobson
Brendan Shih            Anthony Meng

Educational Affiliation
Saratoga HS, CA      Newton South HS, MA
Wellington HS, FL
Mission San Jose HS, CA Chanhassen HS, MN


Partners Team

The Partners Team builds unique cross-organizational projects to impact the lives of students with teachspeech's mission.


Development Team

The Development Team maintains the efficiency and infrastructure of teachspeech. They facilitate teachspeech's expansion and logistics.

Team Members
Isabella Garcia
Avi Gulati
Aditi Narayanan
Andreas Kapsalis    Andrew Tong     

Educational Affiliation
BASIS Flagstaff, AZ
Harker School, CA
BASIS Phoenix, AZ
Xaverian HS, NY
St. John's School, TX           


Team Members              Educational Affiliation
Lena Lofgren                  Strath Haven HS, PA
Matthew Yekell               St. John's School, TX
Sophia Qureshi               Unionville HS, PA
Natalie Kelly                   Unionville HS, PA Krish Kothari                  Mission San Jose HS, CA