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Christopher Maximos | Founder and National President

Christopher Maximos is currently a senior at Delbarton School in Morristown, New Jersey. Since the sixth grade, he has been involved in speech and debate, reaching unprecedented competitive heights by finaling twice in United States Extemporaneous Speaking at the NSDA National Championship, championing the NJSDL State Tournament three times, and ranking first in the United States in Extemporaneous Speaking. From a young age, Christopher has been a gifted communicator, hosting his own political-debate crossover podcast, Extempolitik, and hosting his own social-impact speaker series, Ignite | Impact. His explorations with teachspeech have branched into deep involvement in both journalism and educational advocacy. Christopher serves as Current Events Editor for The Progressive Teen, the Co-Coordinator of Student Voice's Journalism Fellowship, and a member of the Citizen University Youth Collaboratory. After surveying the structural barriers within the speech and debate community which stifle student voices, he founded teachspeech to close the gaps in public speaking education and better prepare his peers in the world's digital context. Within speech and debate, Christopher has found his voice. Now with teachspeech, he hopes to find yours.